Workout #9 – Lower Body Blast

Workout #9

Lower Body Blast.

Warm Up:

lateral mini band walks, 3×20 steps right/left, band on ankles

glute bridges, 20 reps, band above knees

side lying clams, 20 reps left/right, band above knees


Complete 3 rounds on the follow exercises in circuit:

20 Step Ups, Bar on Shouders, 10 left then 10 right

20 Russian Kettlebell Swings

20 Back Squats

20 Glute Bridges, Bar on hips

20 Box Jumps

20 Calorie Treadmill Run at 8% incline

Top it off:

3 rounds:

20 high jumpers each leg

20 single leg squat jumps each leg

20 in/out jump squats

20 bullfrogs



Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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