Fitness Spotlight: Kelly Rossetto . A one in a lifetime fitness friend.

“Determine to live life with flair and laughter.” ~Maya Angelou 


Kelly is a great fitness friend, fellow group exercise instructor, frequent gym goer, and fitness enthusiast. She is always up to try a new workout and will always encourage others to join in! Make sure you say hi next time you see her around the gym!


Name: Kelly Rossetto

Age: 35

Fun facts about you:

I’ve lived in every time zone!

Favorite fitness/ life quote:

Live with Intention.

Fitness Background

I grew up in the gym with my dad (a former power lifter), took some years on and off, and have now grown into my own appreciation for everything the gym has to offer me. I was never an “athlete”, but I always enjoyed sports recreationally.

Current Fitness Regimen:

I try to be active every day. This doesn’t mean I do something “hard core” every day, but I make an effort to move (especially since I spend a lot of time on the computer or at a desk). On my five heavier workout days I try to vary my routine – taking cardio/lifting classes, running stairs, running outside, boxing, etc. I usually have three days of circuit weight training (with cardio intervals) and two days of running, stairs, boxing, or other cardio-based workouts. I also try to do a longer CORE routine (30 minutes) at least twice a week.

Current Health/Fitness goals:

Stay strong, healthy, and active!

 Favorite gym workout:

Kristen’s Olympic workout was AWESOME! Would love to do that again. Otherwise, I like weight circuits (total body with compound movements) with intervals of stairs, sprints, burpees, or other cardio bursts.

 Favorite exercise class:

I like “shred” or “cardio sculpt” at BSC. UXF Burn is also a lot of fun. Either way, they combine the weight/cardio + SOCIAL aspects that I enjoy!

Favorite non-gym fitness activity:

Boxing (bag classes) and HIKING or running outside with friends. Getting outside – especially in the mountains – is the best way to exercise.


Fitness exercise/activity you HATE but do anyways because you know its good for you:

Burpees, of course! No, actually, I don’t really hate any of it. Running hills used to be my nemesis, but after working out with Kristen and other friends on the hills, I’ve even grown to enjoy those.

Favorite person/people to work out with:

Matt, Susannah, Kristen, Courtney, Renee, and Louisa! They all rock! Susannah is my Friday Fitness Buddy!


Best thing to get you going on a day when you do not have time energy or motivation to work out:

SUNSHINE! Or a text from a friend with something fun to do!

Your favorite healthy snack:

I’m a sucker for cereal, but that’s not always healthy. Whole grain toast with peanut butter, tropical jam, and banana. Or cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes.

Have you had a fitness/weight loss goal that you met?

I have gone through several periods of weight gain and low fitness levels, so it felt like a long battle to get where I am today. I don’t think I ever had a specific weight goal or fitness goal – I just wanted to feel better about myself. Healthy body, healthy mind is what I believe, so when I realized I had become stagnant that is what I sought. It took awhile, and I believe it’s always a work in progress to balance the healthy body, healthy mind. But now I enjoy the process, which was the main battle I faced.

 When did you start working with a trainer/ coach:

I’ve taken classes with trainers since college, but I’ve done more training-style workouts in the past few years.

What about that trainer/coach influenced you to chose them:

Enthusiasm, knowledge, and commitment to the fitness craft – learning and teaching new things all the time!

 How does personal training and/or small group training differ from working out on your own?

I always love the social aspect of working out. It can be so much fun – and other people motivate me to work harder and I love doing the same for them. I also love learning new things and varying my routine, which is much more accessible when working with a trainer/instructor/coach.

What benefits have you seen from working with a coach/ trainer?

I have become someone who makes exercise a priority, and this feels so good. I enjoy my workouts more, I never hesitate to go to the gym, and I look forward to seeing all the “gym friends” I have made through group trainings and events.

What is the single best thing that came out of improving your fitness level?

Feeling healthy, strong, and confident.

Have you inspired others to get fit as well?

I hope I have! I try to work out with friends as much as possible, and they often have me develop our workout routine. It feels good to help others push themselves, but really they motivate me as much as I do them.


 Best fitness/health advice you were ever given:

Don’t give up. Stay committed. And more specifically, I have benefitted a lot from advice to A) keep the core strong and tight through every exercise, whether it is hiking or squatting or doing situps and B) intersperse hard cardio bursts into weight lifting sessions.

 When and how did you meet Kristen? Has she changed your life in any way? If so,


I met Kristen at BSC about 4 years ago I think. Yes, of course she has changed my life. She has been a friend – for both fun and fitness. She has motivated me to work hard and with heart. She was also helpful in getting me classes to teach at BSC, which I LOVE! It has been a joy to see Kristen in her own fitness journey, and I think I speak for many of her “groupies” when I say that I am grateful for her goofiness, her laughter, her kick ass attitude, her loving-but-hard push to achieve, and her dedication to her work and clients and friends!!

On vacation do you workout? What do you do?

Run, and any kind of body weight exercises (dips, pushups, squats, situps). Kristen’s turkey burn workouts go with me on trips, too! When I teach fitness classes, I try to always do at least one exercise that I can tell the class they can do at home, in the office, or in a hotel room. There’s always something we can do without a gym – we just need to motivate! I’m also a walker – so when I travel I walk for hours on end exploring the city/countryside/mountains. That is the best!


Thank you Kelly for all that you do motivating and inspiring in the fitness world 🙂





Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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