Workout #10 – Strength Training for Core

Incorporate the following two exercises (deadlift and front squat) to really develop your core strength.  Make sure to first do a dynamic warmup/ some muscle activation. Top it off with a conditioning circuit.

Part 1:

warm up/ activation:

walking lunges x 20

lunge into hamstring x 20

inch worm x 10

single leg lateral hops x 10 r/l both directions

glute bridges (band above knees) x 20

cat/cow stretch x 10

side lying thoracic rotaions x 10 r/l

scalp push-ups/ retractions x20


1. Deadlift straight bar clean grip ( or start with hex bar if available)

(rest 1-2 min between sets)

1 set-Light weight x 20 reps

1 set -50% x 10 reps

6 sets- 75% x 3-5 reps

Top it off:

4 sets (no rest)

max reps of pullups (or 10 reps assisted pullups) x 3 minutes of jump rope


Part 2:

warm up/activation:

walking quad into toe touch stretch x20

side lunge pivot side lunge x 20

forearm to floor lunge x20

hip flexor circles x 10 r/l each direction

light weight, unweighted, or TRX I’s, Y’s. T’s x 12 each


Front Squat barbell (or kettlebell/ dumbbell to modify)

( rest 1-2 min between sets)

1 set-light weight x 20

1 set 50% x 10 reps

4 sets 65% x 6-8 reps

 Top it off:

4 sets (no rest)

6 chin ups (assisted if needed), on last rep hold at top 10 seconds, and lower slowly

5 single arm KB swings (each arm)



Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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