28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 3 – Fitness Test

The GetKristenFit Summer Shape Up  28 day high intensity workout challenge

Ready to earn your best beach body? Commit to 28 killer workouts over the next 4 weeks and reveal your best body ever by the 4th of July! 

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28 Day Challenge Workout #3

“Fitness Test”

Now that you are warmed up, let’s take a baseline to test where your fitness level is.

1. Perform 1 minute of Pushups- full pushups, so that you have a rolled towel under your body, make sure your chest hits the towel of each rep, note if you need to modify so you can be consistent when we re-test. Record amount of reps.

2. Perform 1 minute of sit ups- full sit ups, arms crossed on chest, shoulder blades hit the floor, and elbow touch your thighs on each rep, again note if you need to modify. Record amount of reps.

3.  Perform a plank on forearms- keep proper form, flat back, abs and glutes tight, elbows stacked underneath your shoulders.  Record how long you can hold your plank.

4. Perform a glute bridge- keep proper form, tight core,weight in heels, hips fully extended, knees and feet hip width apart.  Record how long you hold your bridge. If you think you can hold for 2 minutes or more, try single leg bridges instead, record time for each leg starting with your weaker leg.

5.  Set up two objects (cones or  some thing like a can of you are at home) on the floor, 10 meters (or 10 paces) apart. Set a timer and see how many times you can sprint from one end to the other in 30 seconds, always running forwards and pivoting at each end.  Bend done and touch the object each time.  Record how many lengths you do, count both directions individually.

6. One mile run for time.  Weather on a course outside or on the treadmill, run 1 mile as fast as possible.  Record your time.

Please post your results here in comments, email them me at kristen@getkristenfit.com, and/or post via Facebook or the Get Kristen Fit Mobile app.

Additional parts of this workout will be posted on the Wall of  Get Kristen Fit Mobile App.  Make sure to download for iPhone or Android and check out the wall.

Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

3 thoughts on “28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 3 – Fitness Test”

  1. Cynthia
    PU- 21
    Single Leg GB 2:02 on R and 2:16 on L
    30 second sprints – 13
    1 mile 7:20

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