28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 4 – Body Weight Lower Body Blast

The GetKristenFit Summer Shape Up  28 day high intensity workout challenge

Ready to earn your best beach body? Commit to 28 killer workouts over the next 4 weeks and reveal your best body ever by the 4th of July! 

Some of the workouts will be posted here, but most will go out to program particpants via e-mail.  To join the program e-mail Kristen@getkristenfit.com !

28 Day Challenge Workout #4

“Body Weight Lower Body Blast”

20 Walking  Lunges

20 Jump Squats

1 Minute Wall Sit

10 Single Leg Squats, each leg

20 Jumping Lunges

1  Minute Squat Hold

20 Alternating Curtsey Squats

20 Plie Jump Squats

1 Minute Plie  Squat Hold

10 Single Leg Bridges, each side

20 Bullfrogs (kickouts), start in high plank, jump knees to chest, and back to start = 1 rep

1 Minute Plank Hold

Repeat for a total of 1-3 sets

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Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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