28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 18 – “Cardio Ass Kicker with Mini Bands”

The GetKristenFit Summer Shape Up  28 day high intensity workout challenge

Ready to earn your best beach body? Commit to 28 killer workouts over the next 4 weeks and reveal your best body ever by the 4th of July! 

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28 Day Challenge Workout #18

“Cardio Ass Kicker with mini bands”

This cardio interval workout with surely kick your ass both literally and figuratively.  Here are a few more exercises that you can do with just one tiny piece of equipment.  Get ready to get Kristen fit 🙂

You should have 3 bands to progress through.  The order goes from green (easiest), to blue (medium), then to black (hardest, most resistance).

*Videos again are available @getkristenfit Facebook and Instagram.

Complete the following exercises in circuit.  Complete four rounds of the circuit. First round do  1:30 seconds of each exercise, second round do 1 minute of each, third round do 30 seconds of each, and last round do 10 reps of each.  Complete reps as fast as possible without losing your form.  Rest no more than 1 minute between rounds 1-2 and 2-3, and take no rest between rounds 3-4.


Mini Band Squat Jumps (band 2 inches above knees)

Mini Band Cross Country Runs ( band on ankles, make sure feet stay flat)

Mini Band Criss Cross Hops (bands on ankles)

Mini Band Lateral Hop Step Touch (band on ankles, start with feet together press out to one side, and feet back together)

Mini Band High kKnee Runs (band 2 inches above knees)

Mini Band Repeaters (band 2 inches above knees, 1/2 the time of each leg)

Mini Band Snowboarders (band 2 inches above knees, squat touch floor, 180 degree jump, back into a squat)

Mini Band Plank Jacks (band on ankles, high plank, jump feet out and in)



Coach K
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