Coach K Is Away But Fit You Will Stay!!

Workout 1: The Jetsetter


Make sure to complete a 10 minute dynamic warm-up…. walking lunges, lunge to hamstring stretch, high knee pull, backpedal calve stretch, side lunges l/r, sumo squat pivot, lunge forearm to floor, walking quad stretch , high knees, buttkickers, side shuffles, karaoke, speed skaters, hip circles, high knee skips , arm circles, mini band walks, etc.

Set 1, complete 3 rounds

20 Good-mornings ( 3 am wake up)

20 Push-ups

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk (dumb bells  bells or kettle bells) x 2

20 Alternating Step Ups

20 Single arm should press (10 l/ 10 r)

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk x 2

20 Glute Bridges (bar on hips)

20 Chest  Press (barbell)

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk x 2

Set 2, complete 4 rounds, first round 1 minute each, second round 45 sec, third round 30 sec, forth round 20 sec. 

1 minute sprint (for the plane), 4% incline

1 minute run or box jump a low step for speed

1 minute hands on the box up and overs

1 minute mountain climbers


Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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