Keep Calm and Work It Out.

Workout #3 – Sky’s Out Thighs Out


Make sure to complete a 10 minute dynamic warm-up…. walking lunges, lunge to hamstring stretch, high knee pull, backpedal calve stretch, side lunges l/r, sumo squat pivot, lunge forearm to floor, walking quad stretch , high knees, buttkickers, side shuffles, karaoke, speed skaters, hip circles, high knee skips , arm circles, mini band walks, etc.

Complete 5 rounds , of 20 reps of each the following 10 exercises

20 Front Squats

20 Jump Squats

20 Walking Lunges

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Quadruped Squat Lockouts

20 meter Sled Push

20 Sumo Squats

20 meter Bear Crawl

20 Lateral Lunges (10 each side)

20 Side to side, jumping floor touch lunges



Author: Kristen Leontie

Fitness trainer to the stars (of Newton Ma), athlete, pro runner and dog lover...

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