The GKF Engagement

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        Going back a few months, to cold rainy evening in February,  I got engaged :). Despite the fact that we were at Niagara Falls on a long weekend winter getaway that Jared had been adamant about going on, even when I came down with the flu two days before, I had absolutely no idea it was coming.   We (I) hadn’t picked out a ring, and I was apparently either in denial or totally oblivious to the fact that the proposal was coming. Nonetheless, there we are standing out there in the rain on a Friday night watching the Falls light up pink and green and all these different colors and I turn to my right and there he is down on one knee with a little black box.        


          It was an exciting moment and of course I said “YES!”, but at the same time was scared and nervous and lol probably stressed the fuck out because getting married is, like, another thing to do on a plate that’s already overflowing.  Jared is perfect for me, I know this for sure especially as we start this wedding, and life, planning process.   I’m always gonna be here stressing out and he’ll always be by my side telling me that it’s ok and “we’ll figure it out.” Despite the anxiety and nerves I am truly excited to be on this journey with Jared.


         Fast forward a few months we are in Ibiza Spain looking  at wedding venues for the destination wedding of our dreams.  We have always discussed doing a destination wedding and decided to pick a super unique and exciting spot in hopes that our close friends and family would all join us for a week long vacation of fun in sun that would leave everyone with memories that will last a lifetime.

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        Ibiza is nuts.  It’s like a different planet.  They operate on a whole different time schedule.  The island is open 24/7 and the “peak” hours are from 3 am- 10 am.  The summer daylight hours are long and the weather in June is perfectly warm and sunny with a refreshing ocean breeze.  The dance, techno, & edm blasts on one side of the island while in other parts you can sit back on a beach front lounge chair and see nothing but turquoise ocean  for miles and miles.  The best of both worlds, in my opinion.


        Jared and I quickly fell in love with the laid back island vibes of Ibiza and were especiallyu drawn to one particular wedding venue.  The venue we crushed so hard over was the last one we looked a, one that I knew was out of our budget but last minute decided we needed to look at anyways.  Budget went out the window, I stressed, and Jared said, “we’ll figure it out”. (aka “buh- bye summer” and here we are going back to working 7 days a week. I picked up 3 new personal training clients and added 2 additional Barry’s classes to my schedule the week we got back from Ibiza.)


       Wedding date set.  6/27/19 at Experimental Beach.   This venue is EVERYTHING is beyond perfect and everything I had imagined.   It’s intimate, private, and casual but chic, with STUNNING ocean views from it’s setting atop cliff top overlooking the ocean.    The ceremony will be barefoot on the sand, cocktails will be works of art, and we will have the place until 2 AM to dance the night away under the stars.




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