Fit Bride Diaries Week 1 (52 weeks out)

So sorry for the hiatus and not following up post my  intro from last week!  Aside from one amazing yoga class with my girl Mel at HYP Wellesley, my Fit Bride Journey did not get off on the right foot.   Super ironic, because the right foot is the only good one that I have right now.   Long story short, I did not start my Fit Bride workout regimen nor get myself  in a good mental space because I’ve been in an immense amount of pain and think I might have a stress fracture,  so this this TBD and dealt with next week.

Making yoga with Mel a normal regular part of my Bride Fit routine.


My wedding day goals will stay the same, but my approach is going to be different  as I will be limited with what I can do at this time, and I may or may not be able to resume half marathon training and or running at all.    For now, workout-wise  I’m going to do what I can do maintain my sanity, which will include most of the strength training  and conditioning  workouts from the GKF Bridal Bootcamp Program (which is in 4 week segments customized towards gaining muscle, toning or weight loss, depending on the Bride’s goal) as well as a lot of  Barry’s Bootcamp DF (double floor) classes.   I will have to modify to avoid any jumping, lunging, running, and event mountain climbers etc :/.


Pretty much all the brides I have worked with and trained over the years have all had the same goal: to lose body fat and sculpt lean muscles (specially the ones that will be on display in their wedding dress).  My goals are  the same.  I  hope to be my most confident, happy, healthy, and also  LEANEST self on my wedding day.     Some people may agree against having aesthetic body goals but I see nothing wrong with it as long  as your goals are realistic and you go about it in a healthy manner!   I never normally train to achieve a specific  body type (other than constantly trying to get my butt to get bigger), but I always have a goal wether is be get stronger, or faster, or  to build work capacity etc.   I see trimming down, even at the expense of some hard earned gainz and  GOOMBAY Smashes at the  Comah , as  a challenge and a GOAL to work towards.

I believe that this next year is crucial for me to solidify my own lifestyle and all the things that make me feel my best as I gear up to then share my life with Jared forever.   It’s so true that relationships sometimes interfer  with things that were necessary for your health or happinesses pre-relationship , and I’ m determined to find all that was lost before we married.  I truly believe that before you can make another person happy or be happy in your relationship, you first must be truly content with everything in your own life.   This just means that I’m going to have to focus and take a little more time for myself this year.

Before it’s forever “Us”, gonna have myself a year of “Me +Us”

Diet will also be a major focus for me.   Since January, and discovering that I am allergic to gluten (but not dairy!),  I have been experimenting with a Ketogenic diet.  For overall health and energy reasons, I think that this lifestyle is actually the best, however it is EXTREMELY difficult to master.   In order to be effective, a Keto diet must be very precise and adhere to macros similar to:  80f/15p/5c,  all while making sure you aren’t under or overeating,  which for me is hard because of the  intense amount of activity and exercise I get everyday.   I will definitely  circle back to more on Keto in upcoming posts!


(Keto: Yup red meat, real bacon, real cheese, whole egg, and avocado)

In attempts to try not to add to the stress of planning a wedding, as well as to give me some more flexibility in my already way to crazy schedule, my goal for diet and fitness this year is:

  1. Come up with and follow a basic Keto meal that meets my caloric needs and is quick and easy to prep.  My calories will be a very slight deficit so that I can lean out slowly.  I’m also aiming to continue drinking at least 1 gallon of water each day, as I think water is helps with pretty much everything, yes even digestion.
  2. Instead of following a set workout program,  I’m going to be more lax and allow for flexibility and just do what I can and what I enjoy, making sure to get in a good amount of lifting weights, HIIT, and yoga.  ( 3 months out from the wedding I may get on a more strict regiment but at this point and with my injury,  having to follow strict plan will set me up for a disaster because I totally get all thrown off when I don’t or can’t stick to something precisely).
  3. Along with the yoga, I am going to add back in meditation and work on other methods to improve my mental health, mood and subconscious.


Other things I’m working on to improve my overall health, happiness, and appearance by June 27th, 2019, all of which I’ll touch on in future posts, and not listed in any particular order:

  1. Supplements for health/beauty
  2. Beauty products skin/hair
  3. Getting more sleep/rest
  4. Drinking less alcohol.
  5. Recovery and re-hab/pre-hab.
  6. Building stronger relationships with all the amazing people around me.
  7. Saving money.
  8. Communicating better with Jared.
  9. Becoming more organized (outside of work).
  10. Giving back to society.
  11. Building my Get Kristen Fit Brand.


         Lots of good stuff to come!!!   Make sure to check back in as next week I am traveling to Chi Town  for my first (and hopefully last) wedding dress appointment!    Check out Grace Loves Lace  for a pre-view!








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