Egg White with Greens Frittata Sandwich




2 cups of all egg whites

½ cup of cooked chopped broccoli
½ cup frozen and defrosted or steamed fresh spinach

½ cup of chopped bell pepper (any colors)

3 scallions chopped finely

½ tsp. dried oregano

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

8 large fresh washed romaine leaves (or similar for “bread”)

2 Tablespoons Walden Farms  zero calorie dressing of your choice




  1. Heat a skillet to medium heat and coat with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Add chopped broccoli, peppers, spinach and onions and cook until tender.
  3. Beat egg whites, oregano and pepper together and then pour over the veggies in the skillet.
  4. As the eggs begin to cook from the middle out, gently lift the edges of the egg with a spatula so that the mixture and flow out to the sides and bottom of the skillet.
  5. Cook until the eggs are cooked through but still moist.
  6. Cut the skillet into 4 even pieces.
  7. Place each piece on a Romaine leaf and spread lightly with dressing. Sandwich with a second leaf.


Enjoy! Makes 4 Servings!


Nutritional Information.

  • Serving size: 1 sandwhich
  • Per Serving: 100 Calories, 1  fat, 4 g carbohydrates, 14 g proteins

Blizzard Bash Workout!

No Need For Any Gym Equipment Here, all you need is some space, a mat, a flight of stairs, two hand towels, a hardwood or smooth tile floor, and a chair or bench to do triceps dips on!  Enjoy the storm BOSTON 🙂

or Check out video on YOUTUBE

Warm Up

1 minute Downhill Skiers

1 minute Speed Skaters

1 minute Cross Country Skiers

1 minute Snow Boarders

1 minute Mountain Climbers

Round 1- Complete 3 Sets

Perform set reps for each exercise as quickly as possible, rest one minute between sets.

10 Single Leg Squats on Stair (1o each leg)

1 Flight of Stair Climb Push-ups

20  Towel Hamstring Curls (heels on towels)

20 Towel Pikes (toes on towels)

40 Wall Drill High Knees

40 Toe Taps to Stair

20 Explosive Reverse Lunges  (foot on towel, 20 each leg)

20 Plank Saws (toes on towel)

Round 2- Complete 3 Sets

30 seconds of each exercise, 10 second break between exercises, and 1 minute break between sets

1.  Push-up, side crawl right, Push-up, side crawl left, repeat

2. Jump Squats

3. Bench Triceps Dips

4. Lunge Jumps

5. Burpees

6. Alternating Lateral Lunges

Round 3- Complete 3 sets

Complete the following exercises for set reps, do not rest between exercises, rest 1 minute between sets.

20 Meter Bear Crawl

20 Bicycle Crunches

20 Leg Raises

20 Scissor Kicks

20 Kriss Cross at 45 degrees

20 Flutter Kick Crunch Hold

20 Side Plank Hip Dips

20 Plank Jacks

20 Side Crunches (each side)

20 Superman Back Extensions

Get Kristen Fit in 2015! Diet/Fitness Bet is Here!



Get into the best shape of your life with Coach K’s weight loss and fitness challenge!


What is fitness/diet bet?

Fitness/diet bet is a 12 week program where participants make a weight loss or fitness goal and make a monatary bet against themselves.  If you achieve your goal by the end of the program you win your money back, but if you don’t meet your goal  your money  goes into the pot which is spilt among all the people who did meet their goal. The bet is meant to provide extra incentive for participants to meet their goal and to not quit on themselves.  For people that don’t want to bet, you can also join in on the fun just for the extra motivation.

The program will include motivational e-mails, team workouts, daily and weekly fitness/diet/lifestyle challenges, nutritional guidelines and weekly weigh-ins for those that want to weigh in.

Start date: program starts Monday 1/5/2015, participants can join in at any time during the next 2 weeks simply by emailing and scheduling a time to establish a goal and weigh in if needed.

End date: program ends Monday 3/30/2015. This is the final date.  All betters have to achieve their goal by this date in order to win their money back.

Buy in’s: In addition to the bet, pricing is as follows…

$25 to participate if you make a bet.

$50 to participate if you are just in for fun without establishing a goal and betting.

***If you choose to do weekly weigh-ins you must do weigh-ins throughout the entire program.  If you gain weight from week to week you owe $1 for each 0.1-1.0 pound gained.

The first 2 weeks of this program are a trial for everyone, and there will be “homework” assigned . If the homework is not completed, then your initial buy in will be returned to you and you will be kicked out of the program.  The homework will be basic and it will be a basic test of your commitment to your health and fitness.

To sign up please e-mail Kristen at  Please also make sure to download the Get Kristen Fit Mobile app, and follow Get Kristen Fit on Facebook.







Workout # 5- Bikini Body Abs


Complete the following exercises:

100 mountain climbers

1 minute sprint 0% incline

100 bicycle crunches

1 minute sprint 1% incline

100 plank jacks

1 minute sprint 2% incline

100 scissor kicks

1 minute sprint 3% incline

100 Russian twists

1 minute sprint 4% incline

50 Floor Wipers

30 second sprint 5% incline

50 Atomic Sit Ups

30 second sprint 6% incline

50 Side Plank Hip Dips (50 each side)

30 second sprint 7% incline

50 Reverse Crunches

30 second sprint 8% incline


Keep Calm and Work It Out.

Workout #3 – Sky’s Out Thighs Out


Make sure to complete a 10 minute dynamic warm-up…. walking lunges, lunge to hamstring stretch, high knee pull, backpedal calve stretch, side lunges l/r, sumo squat pivot, lunge forearm to floor, walking quad stretch , high knees, buttkickers, side shuffles, karaoke, speed skaters, hip circles, high knee skips , arm circles, mini band walks, etc.

Complete 5 rounds , of 20 reps of each the following 10 exercises

20 Front Squats

20 Jump Squats

20 Walking Lunges

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Quadruped Squat Lockouts

20 meter Sled Push

20 Sumo Squats

20 meter Bear Crawl

20 Lateral Lunges (10 each side)

20 Side to side, jumping floor touch lunges



Upper Body Workout. Push. Pull. Grind

Workout #4: Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out.



Set 1, complete 3 rounds:

10 reps Barbell Push Press

15  reps Barbell Chest Press

20 reps Overhead Triceps Extensions

25  reps Bench Triceps Dips

Set 2, complete 3 rounds:

1o reps Pullups or Assisted Pullups

15 reps Bent over Barbell Rows

20 reps Lateral Shoulder Raises

25 reps Hammer Curls


Coach K Is Away But Fit You Will Stay!!

Workout 1: The Jetsetter


Make sure to complete a 10 minute dynamic warm-up…. walking lunges, lunge to hamstring stretch, high knee pull, backpedal calve stretch, side lunges l/r, sumo squat pivot, lunge forearm to floor, walking quad stretch , high knees, buttkickers, side shuffles, karaoke, speed skaters, hip circles, high knee skips , arm circles, mini band walks, etc.

Set 1, complete 3 rounds

20 Good-mornings ( 3 am wake up)

20 Push-ups

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk (dumb bells  bells or kettle bells) x 2

20 Alternating Step Ups

20 Single arm should press (10 l/ 10 r)

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk x 2

20 Glute Bridges (bar on hips)

20 Chest  Press (barbell)

20 yard suitcase carry farmer’s walk x 2

Set 2, complete 4 rounds, first round 1 minute each, second round 45 sec, third round 30 sec, forth round 20 sec. 

1 minute sprint (for the plane), 4% incline

1 minute run or box jump a low step for speed

1 minute hands on the box up and overs

1 minute mountain climbers


Summer Shape Up’s Take on August with 4 Weeks 2 Strong!

This month Get Kristen Fit will lead a group through 6 workouts a week for 4 weeks. We are alternating days of strength training with days of high intensity interval training with a goal of building muscle while also leaning out so that we can look amazing on the beach by the end of summer! It’s never too late to join in on the fun… email me at for more info.


Here is a peak of our strength workout from day 2:


28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 20 – “Playground Workout”

The GetKristenFit Summer Shape Up  28 day high intensity workout challenge

Ready to earn your best beach body? Commit to 28 killer workouts over the next 4 weeks and reveal your best body ever by the 4th of July! 

Some of the workouts will be posted here, but most will go out to program particpants via e-mail.  To join the program e-mail !

28 Day Challenge Workout #20

“Playground Workout”

For the last week of this challenge everyone should be aiming to get in twice daily workouts. Aim for some extra cardio every morning followed by something extra every afternoon or evening.  For today’s workout find a local playground, preferbly by a large field. Get ready to have some fun and sweat it out at the same time! (This workout can also be done in gym if needed)

*Videos again are available @getkristenfit Facebook and Instagram.


Warm up with a perimeter run around the whole field field.

Complete each circuit 3x through.

Circuit 1:

20 step ups or box jumps onto bench or another landing

20 push-ups ( on ground, feet elevated on bench or swing, or on incline to modify)

20 single leg get ups from low step or bottom on a slide

20 body rows hanging from a swing

20 sit-ups ( try decline from the top of a slide, lock feet in place)

1 minute plank (find any thing, balancing if possible)

1 perimeter run

Circuit 2:

20 second flexed arm hang from monkey bars or other bar (try pull-ups if you can)

20 Bulgarian Spilt Squats (back foot up on landing or swing, 10 each leg)

20 knee tucks or pikes from high plank, feet on swing

20 triceps dips from parallel bars or from a bench

20 hanging knees to chest, straight leg raises

1 perimeter run