Egg White with Greens Frittata Sandwich




2 cups of all egg whites

½ cup of cooked chopped broccoli
½ cup frozen and defrosted or steamed fresh spinach

½ cup of chopped bell pepper (any colors)

3 scallions chopped finely

½ tsp. dried oregano

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

8 large fresh washed romaine leaves (or similar for “bread”)

2 Tablespoons Walden Farms  zero calorie dressing of your choice




  1. Heat a skillet to medium heat and coat with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Add chopped broccoli, peppers, spinach and onions and cook until tender.
  3. Beat egg whites, oregano and pepper together and then pour over the veggies in the skillet.
  4. As the eggs begin to cook from the middle out, gently lift the edges of the egg with a spatula so that the mixture and flow out to the sides and bottom of the skillet.
  5. Cook until the eggs are cooked through but still moist.
  6. Cut the skillet into 4 even pieces.
  7. Place each piece on a Romaine leaf and spread lightly with dressing. Sandwich with a second leaf.


Enjoy! Makes 4 Servings!


Nutritional Information.

  • Serving size: 1 sandwhich
  • Per Serving: 100 Calories, 1  fat, 4 g carbohydrates, 14 g proteins

Spiralized Zucchini Shrimp Scampi

Try this delicious Green and White recipe!


Ingredients ( 2 servings):

12 shrimp (deveined and deshelled)

1 tbsp minced garlic

¼ cup finely chopped shallots

4 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon

2 tsp lemon zest

3 medium peeled zucchinis spiralized

2 cups fresh washed baby spinach

2 tbsp fresh chopped parsley

1 sprinkle of red pepper flakes

1 sprinkle of ground black pepper

1 tbsp Olive oil

just a dusting or non-stick spray


  1. Cook the garlic and olive in a large lightly sprayed skillet for about 1 minute on medium heat.
  2. Next add the scallions and shrimp. Season with pepper flakes and black pepper and cook for about 2 minutes.
  3. Once the shri
  4. mp are starting to sear on one side flip them and add them lemon juice and zest. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and then set shrimp aside.
  5. Add the zucchini noodles and baby spinach and stir for about 5 minutes. Add the shrimp back in and toss to mix.
  6. Plate the mixture and garnish with chopped parsley.
  7. Makes 2 servings.

Get Kristen Fit in 2015! Diet/Fitness Bet is Here!



Get into the best shape of your life with Coach K’s weight loss and fitness challenge!


What is fitness/diet bet?

Fitness/diet bet is a 12 week program where participants make a weight loss or fitness goal and make a monatary bet against themselves.  If you achieve your goal by the end of the program you win your money back, but if you don’t meet your goal  your money  goes into the pot which is spilt among all the people who did meet their goal. The bet is meant to provide extra incentive for participants to meet their goal and to not quit on themselves.  For people that don’t want to bet, you can also join in on the fun just for the extra motivation.

The program will include motivational e-mails, team workouts, daily and weekly fitness/diet/lifestyle challenges, nutritional guidelines and weekly weigh-ins for those that want to weigh in.

Start date: program starts Monday 1/5/2015, participants can join in at any time during the next 2 weeks simply by emailing and scheduling a time to establish a goal and weigh in if needed.

End date: program ends Monday 3/30/2015. This is the final date.  All betters have to achieve their goal by this date in order to win their money back.

Buy in’s: In addition to the bet, pricing is as follows…

$25 to participate if you make a bet.

$50 to participate if you are just in for fun without establishing a goal and betting.

***If you choose to do weekly weigh-ins you must do weigh-ins throughout the entire program.  If you gain weight from week to week you owe $1 for each 0.1-1.0 pound gained.

The first 2 weeks of this program are a trial for everyone, and there will be “homework” assigned . If the homework is not completed, then your initial buy in will be returned to you and you will be kicked out of the program.  The homework will be basic and it will be a basic test of your commitment to your health and fitness.

To sign up please e-mail Kristen at  Please also make sure to download the Get Kristen Fit Mobile app, and follow Get Kristen Fit on Facebook.






Green and White Cleanse!




Before starting any training program it is 100% necessary to make sure that your diet is also on par.   If you want to change your body you are going to have to change both the way you eat and the way you exercise.   To reap the greatest benefit from your fitness routine you must feed your body the nutrients that it needs to repair and rebuild itself and you must avoid eating things that are not of value to your body.


It is important to change your attitude towards food. Food is fuel. You need to eat to live, not live to eat.

The Get Kristen Fit method of diet overhaul begins with a green and white “cleanse”. 

 There are 3 reasons for the cleanse:


1.  To challenge participant’s to a task that is very possible but also is very difficult for many. It is 100% a mental challenge to                   make drastic dietary changes, fight cravings, and stop making excuses.   If you cannot complete a four-day cleanse, you are probably not in the right mentality to make lifestyle changes at this time. I have a very strong belief that if you make a commitment to do something you DO IT 100%, you do not just try to do it. You either DO IT, or don’t waste your time.

2.  The cleanse is also beneficial to your body because it will start to clean your systems of all the unnatural crap that is probably in your diet to start. Anything that is not raw in the store most likely has added preservatives and chemicals in it. The added fiber from the greens will help to clear your digestive tract of backed up waste debris so therefore your body can absorb nutrients more easily going forward.

3.  By preparing for and doing a cleanse, you will also be ready to start making long lasting lifestyle changes.   You will learn that the key to eating cleanly is just to always be prepared ahead of time. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.   After removing non-vegetable carbohydrates completely for just a short period of time many people will lose cravings for them. You will get a better grasp of what things caused these cravings (low blood sugar, tiredness, thirst etc), and you will feel more energetic during the day and sleep better at night! You will also feel less bloated and more many people lose up to 10 pounds in the first week!


The Green Veggie and White Protein Cleanse:

(The goal is to stay with this diet for a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 10 days)

What to eat:

Read below, there are NO excepctions.

White Fish (haddock, cod, tilapia, etc.)

Chicken or Turkey (Lean, boneless, skinless, or ground)

Broiled, baked or grilled, with lemon, garlic, or pepper or other non salt seasoning only to flavor.  No oil except for a dusting to non-stick pans.

Green Veggies (broccoli, broccolini, asparagus, green beans, spinach, kale, lettuce, brussle sprouts, cucumber etc.)

Boiled, steamed, baked, grilled,

Try to eat 3 medium sized or 5 smalls meals a day.  Snack on green veggies! As long as you are eating from the list above do not worry about how much, eat as much as you want! Eat before you are hungry . Eat the second you start thinking about any food. Drink tons of water, aim for ¾ you body weight in ounces of water each day ( if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 112 ounces or about 14 cups of water per day. You are also allowed black coffee and or tea. No dairy, no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

If you absolutely cannot muster meat and veggies for breakfast then your next best option is to drink fresh raw green veggies, juiced or blended in a smoothie. For taste, juices usually have fruits added, so try to make juices with lemon or lime to flavor. Juices from Joos , SUJA or Blueprint are available at wholefoods pre-made but these green juices all contain apple so use this as a last but next best option.


It’s best to have a friend or group to cleanse with so that you can be supported and motivated by others. Make sure to take pics of your meals and share with the group so that people can feed off of each other’s positive energy as well as get ideas from each other. For social networking purposes make sure to tag #getkristenfit and #greenandwhitecleanse .


Directions for coming off of the cleanse and nutritional guides going forward are available from Kristen. Please email to join a program

Lose It To Win It

GetKristenFit’s Weight Loss Challenge

8 weeks will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Tomorrow marks the beginning of another round of my ever growing weight loss challenge. So far I have thirty-five individuals enrolled and ready to shake things up a bit just in time to earn their best body ever before summer rolls in. This will be the sixth edition of this program and I’m positive that it will be the best and most successful yet! Not only do we have the weather on our side to heat things up, but also, after helping over 200 people go after their weight loss goals over the past year, I feel as though my expertise are more than sufficient at this point…… just ask the six winners that have gone home with cash prizes totaling over $3,000 🙂 ! In past rounds several people who have been struggling to lose weight for YEARS succesfully have lost between 10 and 30 pounds in just weeks!


Magda avoided cake to take the cake during the last round of Lose it to Win it!

The basic outline of the program:

Participants sign up and pay a fee to join (all money collected goes into a Pot to be awarded to the winner)

All participants do an initial weigh in with me on our official scale (weigh ins start tomorrow May 4th)

Participants can chose to do weekly weigh-ins with me for a $30 buy in fee (reccomended), or can just weigh in at the beginning or end of the program for a $50 buy in fee (if you do not live local). If a participant gains weight from one week to the next they pay a $1 per 1/2 pound, fee to the pot. If a participant misses a weigh in then they pay a $6 fee to the pot (equivalent of gaining 3 lbs).

All participants will do their final weigh in on Monday June 30th.

This round will have 2 winners that will spilt the pot: 1. Most weight (in lbs) lost 2. Greatest % of body weight lost

Program details:

1. The challenge starts off with a nutritional cleanse. There are a few options to chose from and the goal is to cleanse for a minimum of four days. If people are feeling good and energetic they are encouraged to continue cleansing for up to a week. (Check back for my post on details of the cleanse)

2. Each participant will also agree to give up ALL refined sugar, ALL alcohol, or ALL refined sugar and ALL alocohol for a minimum of 30 days. Note: All previous winners of this program continued cutting one or both for the entire 8 weeks. Each participant will have a buddy to report to and hold them accountable for staying on track with this part of the challenge.

3. We also will have a kick off workout tomorrow (Day 1) where we bring people of all fitness levels and abilities together to meet and motivate each other. Our workout is going to be a heavy bag boxing class at Nonantum Boxing Club taught by the lovely yet badass Shannon Gargaro.


Shannon Gargaro, Nonantum Boxing Club Newton, MA

 4. Each week there will different physical challenges to conquer, which are emailed out at the beginning of the week. They will start off easy and get progressively harder as the program goes on.

5. Daily motivational emails are sent out each morning that also will offer diet tips and workout ideas.

6. Several group workouts and outings are planned throughout the course of the 8 weeks. We try lots of new things to keep it interesting and fun. Working out shouldn’t feel like work or be boring….Who wants to spend their time like that!

7. At the end everyone is happier and healthier 🙂 I will post updates on the competition and the outline the program so stay posted and root everyone on!

I will post updates on the competition and the outline the program so stay posted and root everyone on!


Coach K

WTF is GKF?!?!

No seriously…..What is Get Kristen Fit?


 After years of hard work building a mini fitness empire and creating a brand for myself, I’m finally ready to present to the world:  Get Kristen Fit.


I am Kristen.  I might appear to be a personal trainer, group exercise instructor,  and health and wellness coach, but  I try to be much, much more.  A lot goes into my work that people don’t see.  Not only do people sometimes mistake me for a doctor, pharmacist, physical therapist, massage therapist, dj, marriage counselor , and on occasion, an engineer that is supposed t to fix the AC in the group exercise rooms that hasn’t been working for three years (these things are out of my scope of practice,  but I am very flattered that people trust me enough to regard me as such 🙂 ), but my main role is to take a person from one state of being and to guide them to someplace better.

I am 100% invested in my job.  I have the BEST job ever….. and I get to spend my days with the most awesome and  awe inspiring people.   On a weekly  basis I get to spend time  learning, growing, and improving with about 100 tremendous individuals,  either one-on-one or in group settings.     Over the past few years working in health and fitness, I have witnessed some truly  amazing, life altering, mind and body transformations.

The simple truth is:  adding exercise, even as little as 2 hours a week,  along with a little guidance from someone who really cares about you (like me), will totally rock your world.  Exercise can come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, all of which I respect….and I have seen some crazy things in my day.   I believe my view of a fitness, and creating a lifestyle incorporating it , will change your outlook. It will change your life.  My ideas are new, refreshing, fun and even edgy.  They will leave you energized, motivated, and addicted!

I take on all the  my clients’ challenges alongside them.  Their goals, triumphs, and  failures are  also all my goals, triumphs,and failures.  It is a team approach.  In my  wellness programs like my upcoming Summer Shape Up, and Lose it to Win it Weight Loss Challenge, the tasks are all faced by a whole team 30-50 warriors strong. We do it together, because it is so much easier and so much more fun than doing it alone.


I am inspired everyday by the people that I am lucky enough to call clients and groupies (as we refer to exercise class goers as), many of which have become some of my closest friends, like family even.  My fitness family.  They are truly the coolest.   I want to share our stories with the rest of the world.  I want to share my love for fitness (be careful though because it’s contagious!) I want to share our secrets to success and share our all around awesomeness.

If you would like to catch the fitness fever and learn how to live a healthier, more fit life….if you want to sleep better at night and wake up with more energy in the morning…. if you want to feel and look so good that you can’t help but stand two inches taller and smile two inches wider….. then you have found the place to come to!

Kristen Fit is for anyone and everyone, pros and newcomers alike, so c’mon and bring a friend!

Are you ready to challenge yourself?  The path is simple: Let’s move more, complain less.  Let’s find more reasons to excel, and less excuses not to.  Let’s surround ourselves with good, like minded people, and leave behind the ones that weigh us down and hinder our progress.  Let’s be proactive.  Let’s be positive.  Let’s do this.

Get to know me over the next 30 days with in intensive look inside my daily life.  Catch some fitness tips, some great workouts, and meet some of  my fitness family.  Please make sure to leave comments and input and share my stories with others.  Make sure to follow getkristenfit on all your social media outlets and keep an eye out for my mobile app coming out soon!  Great things are in the works you guys so I hope that you’ll stick around for the ride!

Thank you to everyone that I have met along the way so far!  You have taught me so much and inspired my growth both as a person and a professional.  Here’s to even better things to come in the future!


Yours in health,

Coach K