Get Kristen Fit


Kristen Collinson (Leontie)

Motivator/ Trainer/ Instructor/ Coach

Hi!  I’m Kristen, the face behind the GetKristenFit brand, which I officially launched in April of 2014.   My whole life I have been an avid athlete (track, soccer, distance running) and a fitness enthusiast. In 2009,  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Northeastern University and in the years following I gained experience and expertise by working  full time as a personal & small group trainer, and group fitness instructor.

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The health and fitness industry is  always evolving and I work hard to stay educated and approach my work in fitness with the mentality that there is more than one way of doing things.  There are many methods and systems that work and that are safe and I truly believe that the best trainers have an open mind and tailor their programs to the specific needs of the client(s)  or audience at hand.

      I take extreme pride in the pact that I have a thorough  understanding of anatomy and physiology and the science that determines how the human body works, how it responds and adapts to stimuli, and how to design programming to yield specific results for clients. 

The best recipe for success when it comes to your health and fitness is to find something that is challenging yet enjoyable and maintainable long term.   GetKristenFit is a lifestyle that incorporates the things your body needs to function optimally, (purposeful exercise & 80-90% clean nutrition) with the things that make you feel happy (less functional exercise & 10-20% happy food/bev).   

       My motivation style is: NO EXCUSES.   I myself have always been internally motivated, especially when it comes to fitness and performance.   There is a plan for everyone, there are modifications for everyone, there is a way for everyone to feel and look their best but you have to be willing to put your excuses behind and  GO FOR IT!!!!!

I will be your motivator, your cheerleader,  and your drill sergeant when you need it ……. because  at the end of the day I see the potential and desire in everyone and it is my mission to bring out  the best version of you!!!!!!!

18 Year






LIVE “Office Bootcamp" with GetKristenFit
(45 min)

5 minute dynamic warm up ( get the joints lose/ muscles warm/ build up heart rate)

25 minutes of interval style strength and cardio movements 

15 low intensity core/ stretching/ cooling down 

Get Kristen Fit will lead a full body, interval style workout that is suitable for most fitness levels!  This first workout will utilize movements that most people are familiar with but will give options for anyone who would like to make the workout less or more intense!   The workout will be designed to get your heart rate up, burn calories and get you sweaty but you can always go at your own pace! You will finish feeling fatigued yet energized!  All you’ll need is a mat, towel, and water bottle 🙂

Pricing :

45 min virtual class : 

    $120  up to 25 participants

    $150 up to 26-50  participants

    $175 up to 99 participants

    $200 over 100 participants

*can host on Zoom or join your host

** inquire about 30 or 60 minutes classes 

*** other workout formats also available

LIVE Personal or Semi Private Training/ Coaching Call
(55 min)

First session purchase includes , 15 minute  ZOOM consultation to be completed prior to the first training session/ coaching call

Personalized to meet your goals/ needs.  


55 min virtual session:

     $110 1:1

     $150 2:1

     $180 3:1

     $25 per person for 4 or more participants

*can host on Zoom or join your host

** inquire about 30/45/ or 90 minutes sessions

*** other workout formats also available

LIVE Small Group Training Classes

** LIVE workouts designed to bring us “together” in experiencing the signature GKF method of HIIT training.


Get Kristen Fit custom builds each small group program to make sure every group member gets the  absolute most out every workout!

We use a combination of:


cardio/ endurance


power exercises


“active ” recoveries

to get the most bang for you buck!

You will benefit by:

building strength  (muscles)

developing work capacity (heart and lungs)

feeling the muscle burn (tone)

pushing to fatigue (endorphins)

working up a sweat (detox)

torching calories (weight loss/maintenance)

individualized coaching  + group motivation!

Workouts are held over ZOOM .  

Group enrollment is limited to 11 participants. 



Free for health care workers and Barry’s employees

$20 for 55-60 minute session

$15 for 45 minute session