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Its time to lose!


GetKristenFit’s Weight Loss Challenge-   8 weeks will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

        Tomorrow marks the beginning of another round of my ever growing weight loss challenge. So far I have thirty-five individuals enrolled and ready to shake things up a bit just in time to earn their best body ever before summer rolls in.   This will be the sixth edition of this program and I’m positive that it will be the best and most successful yet!  Not only do we have the weather on our side to heat things up, but also, after helping over 200 people go after their weight loss goals over the past year, I feel as though my expertise are more than sufficient at this point…… just ask the six winners that have gone home with cash prizes totaling over $3,000 🙂 ! In past rounds several people who have been struggling to lose weight for YEARS succesfully have lost between 10 and 30 pounds in just weeks!


Magda avoided  cake to take the cake during the  last round of Lose it to Win it! 

The basic outline of the program:

Participants sign up and pay a fee to join (all money collected goes into a Pot to be awarded to the winner)

All participants do an initial weigh in with me on our official scale (weigh ins start tomorrow May 4th)

Participants can chose to do weekly weigh-ins with me for a $30 buy in fee (reccomended), or can just weigh in at the beginning or end of the program for a $50 buy in fee (if you do not live local).

If a participant gains weight from one week to the next they pay a $1 per 1/2 pound, fee to the pot.

If a participant misses a weigh in then they pay a $6 fee to the pot (equivalent of gaining 3 lbs).

All participants will do their final weigh in on Monday June 30th.

This round will have 2 winners that will spilt the pot:

1. Most weight  (in lbs) lost

2. Greatest % of body weight lost

Program details

1. The challenge starts off with a nutritional cleanse.  There are a few options to chose from and the goal is to cleanse for a minimum of four days.  If people are feeling good and energetic they are encouraged to continue cleansing for up to a week.  (Check back for my post on details of the cleanse)

2. Each participant will also agree to give up ALL refined sugar, ALL alcohol, or ALL refined sugar and ALL alocohol for a minimum of 30 days.  Note: All previous winners of this program continued cutting one or both for the entire 8 weeks. Each participant will have a buddy to report to and hold them accountable for staying on track with this part of the challenge.

3. We also will have a kick off workout tomorrow (Day 1) where we bring people of all fitness levels and abilities together to meet and motivate each other.  Our workout is going to be a heavy bag boxing class at Nonantum Boxing Club taught by the lovely yet badass Shannon Gargaro.


Shannon Gargaro, Nonantum Boxing Club Newton, MA

4.  Each week there will different physical challenges to conquer, which are emailed out at the beginning of the week. They will start off easy and get progressively harder as the program goes on.

5.  Daily motivational emails are sent out each morning that also will offer diet tips and workout ideas.

6. Several group workouts and outings are planned throughout the course of the 8 weeks.  We try lots of new things to keep it interesting and fun. Working out shouldn’t feel like work or be boring….Who wants to spend their time like that!

7. At the end everyone is happier and healthier 🙂

I will post updates on the competition and the outline the program so stay posted and root everyone on!


Coach K

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