Summer Livin’, Salad Lovin’…… It’s All about the BASS (BIG ASS SALADS) YUM!

   Its’s not too late to get lean by Labor Day!

The GKF eating plan can get you the results you want .  The best part is it is simple to follow, and allows you to “cheat” on the weekends as long as you are strict during the week !

1. Green Smoothies 1-2 times daily

2. Big Salad for Dinner. The bigger the better. Fill yourself up with all the tasty colors of summer 🙂

GKF Cobb Salad:

salad cobb


2 strips cooked lean/ low sodium turkey bacon crumbled

3 cups fresh washed baby spinach

3 hard boiled egg whites cubed

3-4 ounces of grilled boneless skinless chicken breast

10 grape or cherry tomatos halved

1/4 an avocado diced

1/4 cup of beet sliced

1/4 cup cucumber sliced

1/4 cup carrots shredded


Place spinach in a BIG bowl

Arrange the rest of the ingredients on top in sections or rows.

Enjoy with a low cal/ low sugar dressing

28 Day Summer Shape Up: Day 20 – “Playground Workout”

The GetKristenFit Summer Shape Up  28 day high intensity workout challenge

Ready to earn your best beach body? Commit to 28 killer workouts over the next 4 weeks and reveal your best body ever by the 4th of July! 

Some of the workouts will be posted here, but most will go out to program particpants via e-mail.  To join the program e-mail !

28 Day Challenge Workout #20

“Playground Workout”

For the last week of this challenge everyone should be aiming to get in twice daily workouts. Aim for some extra cardio every morning followed by something extra every afternoon or evening.  For today’s workout find a local playground, preferbly by a large field. Get ready to have some fun and sweat it out at the same time! (This workout can also be done in gym if needed)

*Videos again are available @getkristenfit Facebook and Instagram.


Warm up with a perimeter run around the whole field field.

Complete each circuit 3x through.

Circuit 1:

20 step ups or box jumps onto bench or another landing

20 push-ups ( on ground, feet elevated on bench or swing, or on incline to modify)

20 single leg get ups from low step or bottom on a slide

20 body rows hanging from a swing

20 sit-ups ( try decline from the top of a slide, lock feet in place)

1 minute plank (find any thing, balancing if possible)

1 perimeter run

Circuit 2:

20 second flexed arm hang from monkey bars or other bar (try pull-ups if you can)

20 Bulgarian Spilt Squats (back foot up on landing or swing, 10 each leg)

20 knee tucks or pikes from high plank, feet on swing

20 triceps dips from parallel bars or from a bench

20 hanging knees to chest, straight leg raises

1 perimeter run